The association was founded in 1949 and is based in Helsinki. It belongs to the scientific communities in Finland. According to the statutes, its purpose is to maintain interest in school history also in Swedish in Finland. For this purpose, the association publishes a yearbook, School History Archive, every two years. Those who research school history in Finland have the opportunity to receive essays, in exceptional cases up to and including entire works published in the yearbook. The yearbook also contains overviews of current school history research.

The association organizes seminars and other gatherings on current school history themes. The business is maintained with voluntary work, membership fees and support from various funds and foundations.

The association has published 11.10.2019 Skolhistorisk Arkiv 37 with the theme Skolförvaltningen i Svenskfinland.

Theme issues are also planned in the future. Articles are gratefully received. Articles can be sent to the association’s chairman.

The yearbook is sold by Vetenskapsbokhandeln. It can also be ordered by the association’s secretary.

The association is led by a board, whose chairman is currently the teaching council, fil.lic. Erik Geber and secretary fil.lic. Martin Gripenberg. It collaborates with Suomen kasvatus- ja kouluhistoriallinen Seura and with the Association of Swedish teaching history in Sweden. Links to the association’s other partners can be found here.

We who have worked all our working lives in the Swedish school in Finland believe that our work effort must not be forgotten. It is the work we have been involved in that has led to the school we have today with the successes it has achieved, among other things. in PISA comparisons and SKILL competitions.

The association’s statutes can be read here.

The association’s annual meetings and annual reports are available online.

Here on the association’s website you can also see pictures of many Finnish-Swedish schools. The schools on the page can be found in the attached list of schools.

Join the association and you will receive our publications where the school’s history is referenced and a forum where you can publish your own school memories and your own school history research. Sign up! Send e-mail to the secretary.